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golden retriever puppies
 Step 1: Meet & Greet


Do you want to come meet us and our Goldens before making the leap? Come on by! We love meeting potential families before there are babies on the ground. Once babies are born things get hectic and there's usually deposits on the majority of puppies within 24 hours, so it's great to meet beforehand and go over any questions/concerns. You can also get a chance to meet both our Moms and maybe you'll decide you would rather wait for Daisy's next litter than Honey's who is coming soon. We can help you make that choice! BOOK NOW.

Step 2: Placing a Deposit

This is the most detailed process.. Expand this box to read more. When each litter is born, we will post them on our social media pages, on,, and The best way to get a heads up on future litters is to follow us on Facebook & Instagram. Once the babies are born, you can place a $500 deposit at any time by reaching out to us through email, Facebook, Instagram, or call/text. We accept Cash or Zelle (This is a non refundable deposit that does go towards the full purchase price of the puppy). Please Note: Each family will put a deposit on the gender they prefer, but will not choose the actual puppy until the litter is 6 weeks old. This way, you are able to choose based on personality as well as looks. The order of deposits received will be the order in which each person picks their puppy. We as the breeder are always reserved first pick.  WAIT LIST: Those on the Wait List get priority over those not on the Wait List.  When you reach out to us to put a deposit on a puppy, we will email you the Puppy Application through email (if you have one on file already, we skip this step). Once we receive your answers, we will schedule a phone call with you so you can ask any questions. Then, if you'd like to move forward and we believe you are a good fit, we will speak about how you'd like to send your deposit. You can come by in person and place a deposit in cash or we can videochat and you can Zelle.  If you decide to come in person: 1. We will send over deposit agreement & purchase agreement beforehand so you will know the contracts you will be agreeing to. 2. Schedule time to come over. Entire visit will take 30min to 1 hour. 3. When you have arrived, please wash hands and sanitize before touching any puppies (supplies provided in kitchen) Please Note: If puppies are less than 3 weeks old, no touching/holding will be allowed. This is for the safety of the puppies and their fragile immune systems. If the puppies are over 3 weeks old, and if any children are under 16 years old, they must sit with the puppy and pet instead of hold to avoid accidentally dropping. 4. If you decide to place a deposit, we will give you all paperwork in person If you decide to videochat & Zelle: 1. We will send over deposit agreement & purchase agreement beforehand so you will know the contracts you will be agreeing to 2. We will schedule the videochat time. Please set aside 30min to 1 hour 3. Zelle note must include "deposit for male/female golden retriever puppy"  4. We will send you a receipt/deposit agreement with remaining balance to the email on your puppy application Once you have a deposit on a puppy, you can follow us on social media for additional info, photos and videos.  During this time, you are more than welcome to schedule days/times with us to come visit the puppies at our home (no more than once per week). One family is allowed at a time, for up to 1 hour each.

Step 3: Picking a Puppy




At 6 weeks old, each family will come to our home to pick their specific puppy. Remember, whoever places their deposit first gets to come first, second, etc.

Step 4: Bringing Home Your Puppy

You can bring your new family member home once they are 8 weeks old and have received their Florida Health Certificate from our vet! 

When you come we will go over the paperwork in your puppy's folder and any last minute questions! Of course we are always here throughout your puppy's life if you have any questions at all and we love keeping in contact!






*We have the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time for any reason before a deposit is received.*
*If you are too far to drive to us in person, let us know and we can help you get in touch with Pet Transport companies, or we can discuss delivering the puppy to you for an additional fee*

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