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Puppy Board & Train

Kindle Family Goldens cares about the puppies they bring into the world and their success with their new families. This is why we understand the frustrations that can sometimes occur the first few days and even weeks bringing a brand new puppy home. Not everyone is a professional dog trainer and not everyone knows what to do. This is where our Puppy Board & Train program comes in.

Every litter, we keep 2 spots open for those families who would like their puppy to stay with us for additional training and socialization. During these extra weeks we take the time to solidify the potty training, crate training, manners, obedience, and socialization that we introduce in the first 8 weeks. 

*Right now we only offer this program to those families who are purchasing puppies from us directly. We are not able to branch out to other people's puppies (yet)*

If you'd like more information on pricing and what is all included in that price, please fill out the form below and we will send you the Board & Train info packet in PDF format.

Image by Zeny Zinedinov

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